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Best Western Premier Hotel City Center, Wrocław


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Africarium, part of the famous Wroclaw Zoo, presents various ecosystems associated with the aquatic environment of Africa, including such creatures as manatees, seals, hippopotamus and penguins. The presentation follows the general theme “The Life-Giving Waters of Africa”.


The dwarfs of Wroclaw

Dwarfs have become a permanent feature of Wroclaw’s landscape. There are already more than 350 small figurines of dwarfs all around the city but their number keeps growing. They are a delight for both city residents and tourists, and they are a great attraction for children. Most can be found around the Market Square but more ambitious dwarf-hunters can use a special map or a mobile app to find them all around the city while sightseeing. Also, every year in September, Wroclaw holds the International Dwarf Festival with a great parade of dwarfs.

The dwarfs of Wroclaw

The colorful tenement house yard in Nadodrze district

Colorful figures of people and animals, original poems and ceramic reliefs – residents of the old tenement houses in Roosevelt and Jedności Narodowej (National Unity) Streets together with artists from the City Cultural Animation Center have created a unique open-air art gallery on the walls of their houses around the shared backyard. The gallery presents paintings, ceramics and sculptures on the total area of more than 1,200 sqm.

The colorful tenement house yard in Nadodrze district

Gas street lamps in
Ostrów Tumski

Every day at dawn and dusk, all visitors coming to the historic island district of Ostrów Tumski in Wroclaw can meet a very special person. It is a traditional and now very rarely seen lamplighter, dressed in a black coat with an old-fashioned bowler hat on his head, who walks around the district to light up or put out the 90 traditional gas street lamps that are still in use.

Gas street lamps in <br>Ostrów Tumski
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